Pronto Dog


Nobody takes better care of your dog than you.

Thinking of all the love they give you, PRONTO DOG has prepared a tasty menu for your pets, with the love and freshness that homemade meals have.

Your dogs will have the complete nutrition they need to be strong and healthy.


ProntoDog Benefits

PRONTO DOG contains the exact balance of fatty acids with Omega 6 and Zinc, nourishing your pet's skin and allowing their fur to be shiny.
High quality minerals allow the development and strengthening of healthy bones and teeth.
Yucca schidigera reduces stool odors, improves digestion and prevents joint diseases.
PRONTO DOG uses selected raw materials of the highest quality. By adding prebiotics to its formula, you keep your pet's intestine healthy and can take advantage of the nutrients in the food more efficiently.
The use of ingredients according to age, plus the supplementation of vitamins, amino acids and minerals (especially Zinc), increase your pet’s defenses, reducing their risk of contracting diseases.

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