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We are an agro-industrial company made up of several industrial and service business units that have been operating in the Republic of Paraguay since 1989.

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Ferticom Plant II.

Ferticom Plant II.

It is a new industrial fertilizer plant, specialized in the elaboration of complex fertilizers operated by the YTL company.

FERTICOM PLANT II, was recently inaugurated, installed within the property where the company's Port is also located, in the city of San Juan del Paraná, in the Itapúa department, 20 km from the City of Encarnación.

It has the infrastructure for unloading raw material in any presentation, state and size. In addition to having the capacity to receive raw materials through the river port.

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We are turning 30 years old in 2019!

We are turning 30 years old in 2019!.

30 years of work in the industrial sector moving towards the future with high efficiency in our processes, and quality in the products and services we offer. By directly supporting more than 900 families and positively impacting the communities in which we help develop, we contribute to the growth of our nation.

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We are aware that every step we take, whether small or large, must be sustainable. Therefore, our activities are based on 3 fundamental pillars:

  • The DEVELOPMENT of our community.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL Protection.
  • HEALTH AND WELL-BEING of our workers and their families.
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